Id card Design

ID Card Design: The Basics
You want professional-looking ID badges that represent your organization and reflect your brand or your idea. you’ll also sort of a unique design with features that aren’t easily duplicated like elements of your brand, logos or emblems. It doesn’t matter if your company has 30, 300, or 3,000 employees. With some forethought and planning, designing ID badges is simpler than you’ll think. Managing your ID badge system in-house has many benefits. you’ll print cards instantly, have complete control and luxuriate in cost savings.

ID cards are often used for multiple purposes – far beyond just visual identification, security or access control. More and more often, businesses are incorporating ID cards in their marketing and brand strategies.

Adding a component of corporate identity into an ID card program are often a legitimate and cost-effective method for increasing brand awareness and recognition. this will include using primary brand colors, company logo, font, styling, etc.

What information should I placed on the ID cards?
When beginning to design your ID card, it’s integral to know what information and the way much information are going to be included on your printed cards.

Basic fields on your ID cards include:

• Company logo
• Company contact information
• Cardholder nameWhat information should I placed on my cards?
• Cardholder photo
• Cardholder signature
• Cardholder title (Business Analyst, Director)
• Employee, student or customer ID number
• Issue and/or expiration date

Advanced options which will be added:

• Barcode or QR code
• Visual identification marker (HoloKote)
• Security access level
• Identifying details (height, weight, eye color)
• the way to return a lost card
• the way to replace a lost card
• Office location

What information should be placed on the rear of the ID card?
Is there any information that might be helpful for the person wearing the ID card? Depending upon things , this might include:

• Emergency plans
• Evacuation routes
• Allergies
• Medications
• bus number
• Website or physical address

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